Homo Ludens IV – Lascaux

video projection
oil on canvas, 180 x 100 cm

The video HOMO LUDENS | Lascaux is projected on a dark oil painting. It shows a hand holding a smartphone. The hand seems immobile, she continues to hold her pose, even when the device is taken out of her hands. Another hand makes an imprint of this pose by dusting the hand.
In recent years the smartphone was the device that has changed our society the most. But the world is rapidly changing and becoming a frameless world: smart phones, laptops and TVs are disappearing and wearable computing such as data glasses, contact lenses, or brain-computer interfaces that can control apps by thinking will take their places. In the video “Lascaux”, Johanna Reich combines traditional painting with the fleeting medium of video and puts a monument to the typical “smartphone-gesture”.