video projection, 280 cm x 200 cm, oil on canvas, 2018

In “Homo Ludens. Universum,” (2018) Johanna Reich refers to the world and the principles our system is based on. Eleven sugar cubes lie on a dark, painted canvas. A hand picks up the sugar and throws the cubes onto the surface like dice. Every time the game is repeated, some of the sugar crumbles away, leaving marks on the base. They gradually condense, forming an image before the viewer’s eyes, the sugar dust lying on the surface like the Milky Way floating in the universe. Reich’s volatile work poetically sheds new light on chance and the vastness of the galaxy as well as the insignificance of the individual, yet also the idea of “Homo ludens” (playing man) developing its individual abilities through the method of play.

Eva Wolpers, fom the catalogue „OWL 5 Tracing traces“, MARTa
Herford, 2019