10 transducers, 6 hours of audio, glass/wall, 2020-ongoing

Our world is increasingly based on algorithms and thus on databases. But just as there is a „gender gap“ in many languages and the female form is feminine form dissolves into the masculine, so too are the databases on which on which algorithms are based are full of gender-related data gaps. In voice corpora (databases based on the human voice), for example, there are up to e.g., there are up to 40% fewer female voices than male voices.

RESURFACE PART III makes the lives of 100 female artists of the 19th/20th century audible. An automated female computer voice reads out the Wikipedia entries of these artists. The CVs were prepared for text corpora: Footnotes, parentheses, etc. were removed from the texts so that the vitae could be could be programmed and read in. RESURFACE PART III thus corrects not only corrects the „stolen history“ of female artists from the 19th/20th centuries, but also expands the „female“ voice corpus with material. The curricula vitae are transmitted through several sound transducers that use the existing architecture as a sound body, in this the transducers are placed in the city of Cologne transforming architecture into a female voice.