HD Video, 0:30, 2015

The hand of the artist transforms into a canvas making the projection of a digital black square visible.
In Robert Fludd’s book “Utriusque Cosmi Maioris scilicet et Minoris Metaphysica, Physica, atque Technica Historia” (The Metaphysical, Physical, and Technical History of the Two Worlds, Namely the Greater and the Lesser, 1617) is the term “Hyle” means a not yet formed “Ur-stuff”. This visualization of “nothingness” is shown in form of a black square. The video “Hyle” refers to this black square – the idea of Malevich`s icon of modernity, the “Black Square on White” (1915) establishes immediately. Malevich himself wanted “… to liberate art from the weight of things …” Painting the “Black Square on White Ground” was the beginning of a revolution.
The video “Hyle” is projected by a DLP projector, (the visualisation of black is achieved by the projector in sending no light). So the black square is “… liberate(d) […]from the weight of things …” consisting only of “non-light”.